Man LOST 40 kilos in eight months after doctors gave him a terrifying health news that DREAD him


Chris Hannan, 46, has explained how he shedded 40 kilos of body weight in just eight months after receiving a scary health news from his doctor.

The words from the doctor motivated to ditch his sneaky snacking habits. Even though his wife Julie-Anne has always prepared healthy meals for the family – he just ate too much of them.

He also snacked too often and consumed thousands of calories in sweet drinks like Coke and bubble tea.

At a point, his 12-year-old son even nicknamed him ‘fat dad’ but he was never unhappy with his size, so did nothing about it.

The Journey of His Weight Loss

Then one day in August 2023, the jeweller from Melbourne took himself to the doctor to get a realistic snapshot of his health.

‘I told myself if she says I am pre-diabetic or something then I will need to make a change,’ he said.

Meeting his doctor caused him to change his ways as he wasn’t only very overweight but he was also pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, a fatty liver and inflammation.

He said: ‘The doctor wanted to put me on medication to get my weight down – but I wanted to have a go at doing it myself, naturally.’

A Peep Into the First 6 Months

In the first six months Chris dropped 30 kilos by changing his eating habits alone.

‘I do intermittent fasting and just eat Lite n’ Easy at lunch because it is easy and have dinner with the family,’ he said.

‘I would wake up and have breakfast – nothing unhealthy just some toast and stuff,’ he said.

Then things would go downhill ….

‘The I might grab a burger from Maccas. Then I would have lunch from home but also go out and grab a burger or doughnuts,’ he said.

‘Then I would have a bag of lollies or something at work. Go home and have dinner and then have like four pieces of toast while watching the television.’

Chris didn’t want his wife to know just how bad his diet was – despite jumping from 75 kilos 110 kilos over ten years.

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Less of Calories

Chris doesn’t count calories everyday and will ‘still eat chocolate’ and pizza – just has less of it.

He assumes he has about 1,000 calories a day and typically fasts until 1pm which helps him cut his intake down.

In February Chris started adding exercise to his weight loss efforts. He went on his first run with his 12-year-old who once gave him the nickname ‘fat dad’.

‘He was skipping along and I was stopping every few hundred metres.’

He is Happier Now

Now Chris runs seven or eight kilometres a few times a week and has booked in to do a 10km fun run. He wants to complete a half marathon next year.

While the dad-of-three says he was always happy – he didn’t realise how much happier he could be.

He says he feels more confident and energetic and loves his life. He can also play with his kids more which is important to him.

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