Man SLASHES brute with a huge katana sword after gang urinated on his New York apartment


A man from New York City swiped a katana blade at group of men during a fight.

What Happened?

The fight started when a gang of five urinated on his building and hurled racial slurs at him and his brother.

As the fight goes on, John lashed one of the men causing nerve and tendon damage.

One of then men is then seen attempting to urinate on Max when John comes outside and that same man shoves John.

‘He says, “get me my bag, I’m going to shank the (racial slur),” Max said. ‘So, my first reaction was to create some distance between him and his bag, and I shoved him and I said leave.’

But before then, he was thrown into a fence, injuring his ribs, and Max’s legs and face were torn up

‘I heard my skull cracking and my ears were ringing and I blacked out,’ Max said.

Max called 911 for help, but they were unable to respond to the incident. During the 911 call Max is heard saying, ‘I asked you not to urinate on my property and now you guys are taunting me.’

‘They’re becoming racist too… this guy called me an Asian c***k.’

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The brawl makes its way out into the street, then John is able to retreat inside the building and grab the blade as the group is starting to walk away. 

The men turn back around and John is able to take a swing at them when the fighting starts up again. 

Court Sentencing

Both of the brothers were charged for their role in the brawl, but none of the other men were.

Max took a no jail plea deal, which includes five years of probation with a criminal record.

John is scheduled for sentencing on Tuesday and is considering a plea deal of two and a half years in prison for second-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

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