Man Who Administered A Questionable Tattoo To A 32-Year-Old Father In A Backyard Shed Before His Tragic Death From Sepsis Asserts Was Not His Responsibility

Man Who Administered A Questionable Tattoo To A 32-Year-Old Father In A Backyard Shed Before His Tragic Death From Sepsis Asserts Was Not His Responsibility

At an inquest held at Teesside Coroner’s Court, it was revealed that a beloved father succumbed to a severe infection following a tattoo procedure conducted in a garden shed before his demise.

Ben Larry, residing on Middlebank Road, Ormesby, passed away on May 6th of the previous year, leaving behind grieving parents who described him as someone who deeply impacted many lives and was cherished by all.

Assistant coroner Paul Appleton determined that Ben’s demise was a result of multi-organ failure stemming from an infection in his right leg, which originated from tattoo work performed on May 1st, 2023, at an unlicensed establishment.

Although a 35-year-old individual was initially arrested in connection with the incident, legal proceedings were discontinued due to challenges in gathering evidence.

Despite the cessation of criminal proceedings, Middlesbrough Council pursued a civil case against the tattooist, Tony James Learmount, who was subsequently found guilty of operating without proper registration for tattooing at Teesside Magistrates’ Court in January.

Prosecutor Thomas Durance stated that public protection officers from Middlesbrough Council were alerted by Cleveland Police on May 9th of the previous year, following the death of an individual from sepsis.

Mr Durance told the court: “The infection had originally developed around the area of a new tattoo. Cleveland Police investigated and this led to confirmation of the tattooist being Mr Tony James Learmount of Donington Green, Middlesbrough. The same location where the tattoo had taken place.”

Inside Tony James Learmount’s garden shed tattoo parlour

The council’s case against Learmount was substantiated in his absence, leading magistrates to levy a fine of £1,000 on the tattooist. Additionally, he was mandated to pay a £400 victim surcharge and contribute £300 towards the council’s expenses.

Cleveland Police had previously issued a cautionary advisory to the public regarding the hazards associated with engaging unlicensed tattooists, advising individuals to verify the registration status on the Body Art register prior to scheduling any tattoo appointments.

This is not the first instance where Teesside Live has covered the tattooist’s activities. In 2018, he was prohibited from operating to safeguard public health, and individuals who had received tattoos from Learmount were advised to consult their general practitioners.

Middlesbrough Council took action following complaints from residents regarding the tattoo artist’s inadequate hygiene practices observed during tattooing sessions conducted at locations in Rainsford Crescent, Thorntree, and Park Lane, central Middlesbrough.

Subsequent investigations by Environmental Health Officers revealed that Learmount posed a significant risk to public health, prompting magistrates to issue an immediate injunction restraining him from conducting tattooing operations.

Following Ben’s tragic death, his parents said: “Our precious, adored, kind and caring son was loved by everyone. He touched so many hearts.

“No parent should lose a child, no child should lose their daddy and no grandparent should lose a grandchild. Our hearts are broken, we are so lucky to have our two beautiful grandsons to keep his legacy and our memories of him alive.”

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