The Followers Of The Beasts Of Satan Engaged In Ritualistic Killings And Dancing On The Graves

The Followers Of The Beasts Of Satan Engaged In Ritualistic Killings And Dancing On The Graves

On a night illuminated by a full moon in January 1998, Fabio Tollis and Chiara Marino met a tragic fate in a wooded area outside Milan.

Both just 16 and 19 respectively, they fell victim to a cocaine-fueled ritual murder, reportedly orchestrated by their peers. Witness statements later revealed that the horrific act, involving sex and heavy metal music, was meticulously planned out.

Fabio, an aspiring singer, had enthusiastically joined the Beasts of Satan band, drawn to their heavy metal cover performances across the city.

However, when his girlfriend expressed intentions to leave the group, events took a sinister turn. Fabio’s attempt to intervene in the violence against his girlfriend resulted in his own bludgeoning death that night, as he was stabbed through the heart in what local media described as a ritualistic sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Michele Tollis, Fabio’s father, embarked on a frantic search for his son after an unusual phone call preceding his disappearance.

Despite his efforts, he tragically discovered their fate years later: buried in a wooded grave, with their killers dancing on the site chanting eerie phrases.

In the initial days of Fabio’s disappearance, Michele’s instincts clashed with the dismissive reassurances of police, who attributed it to youthful escapades. Michele’s suspicions were fueled by Satanic artifacts found in Chiara’s room and inconsistencies in the suspects’ alibis.

A call from Fabio on the fateful night raised further concerns for Michele, who sensed his son’s unease and detected an unfamiliar tone in his voice.

Despite retracing Fabio’s steps to local haunts frequented by the band, Michele’s search yielded no answers. His persistence was met with frustration from both police and acquaintances, who dismissed his concerns.

Undeterred, Michele continued his solitary quest for truth over the years, convinced of a deeper, sinister motive behind his son’s disappearance. Despite facing indifference from authorities, he tirelessly pursued leads and suspicions, refusing to let the case fade into obscurity.

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