Rihanna set NEW goal after 8 months – she wants ‘to try for a girl’ with partner A$AP Rocky


Rihanna revealed how she can’t wait to ‘keep them coming’ as she’s sounding the tone of having ‘as many as God wants’ her ‘to have.

The superstar made this known just eight months after she welcomed get second son with partner A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna Wants a Baby Girl

As for whether that is more than her current two, the Diamonds hitmaker admitted to Interview Magazine that she doesn’t know ‘what God wants’ or the future holds. 

‘I would go for more than two,’ the singer revealed. ‘I would try for my girl. But of course if it’s another boy, it’s another boy.’

How Many Children Does Rihanna Shares With Her Partner?

The Diamond hitmaker firs became a mother on May 13, 2022, following the birth of her adorable little boy, RZA Athelston Mayers (pronounced ‘Rizza’).

Nine months after the arrival of first boy, she surprised the world by announcing she was pregnant, again, during her Super Bowl halftime performance. 

RZA and their second child, Riot Rose, eight months, are only 15 months apart. And now she’s already thinking forward.

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How Her Relationship with A$AP Rocky Started?

During her latest interview, she also opened up about her relationship with A$AP Rocky. 

‘We saw fashion the same. We saw creative the same. We ended up in the same circles a lot. And past that, when we grew up, we ended up supporting each other’s brands and products and creative all the time,’ she said of how her friendship with the rapper blossomed into a relationship.

Rihanna continued: ‘I would wear his s**t, he would show up to my launches. But it wasn’t until the end of 2019 [they got together].’

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