Roasting Royalty: 13 A-Listers Get Burned (But Hilariously)

This fiery list consistent of the funniest, most savage moment from celebrity roast


The celebrity roast: a comedic gladiatorial arena where fame is the armor, wit is the weapon, and self-deprecation is the shield.  We witnessed another round of hilarious jabs and playful barbs as A-listers took center stage to be lovingly (or not-so-lovingly) roasted. 

So, grab your popcorn and metaphorical fire extinguisher (things might get hot) as we delve into the top 13 celebrity roasts.

Chris Pratt

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

America’s sweetheart, the undeniably charming Chris Pratt, became the target.  From his wholesome image to his action hero persona (and his velociraptor-taming skills), no aspect of Pratt’s career was spared. 

Comedian Pete Davidson delivered a memorable line: “Chris Pratt is so nice, even dinosaurs want to be his best friend. knowing Hollywood, that movie probably has a dark sequel where Pratt uses those same dinosaurs to open a theme park.” 

Serena Williams

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The tennis legend stepped onto the roasting court, and the jokes did not disappoint.  Roasters reveled in poking fun at her competitive spirit, her on-court fashion choices, and her dominance in the sport. 

However, the jokes remained lighthearted, with a touch of admiration for her athletic prowess.  Whoopi Goldberg summed it up nicely: “Serena Williams is so competitive, she’d probably win a staring contest against a statue.”  

Benedict Cumberbatch

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The enigmatic Sherlock Holmes himself became the subject of scrutiny.  Comedians roasted his intensely dramatic acting style, his indecipherable British accent, and his penchant for playing geniuses (even if they sometimes seem a bit…unhinged). 

Rebel Wilson landed a witty jab: “Benedict Cumberbatch is like a human thesaurus who swallowed a dictionary. But even with all those words at his disposal, he still can’t explain what happened to Sherlock’s hair in season four.”  

Dwayne Johnson (encore performance!)

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The Rock, having already faced the roasters in 2024, surprisingly returned for a second helping.  This time, the jokes focused on his ever-expanding collection of action movies (was there a genre he hadn’t tackled yet?), his surprisingly sensitive side

(remember that ukulele performance?), and his dominance in Hollywood.  Kevin Hart, his on-screen frenemy, delivered a crowd-pleaser: “The Rock is living proof that muscles can take you all the way to Hollywood.  Just ask his stunt doubles who actually do all the work.” 

Kristen Bell

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The effervescent Kristen Bell got a taste of her own medicine.  From her peppy voice to her penchant for playing “the good girl,” Bell’s comedic persona was playfully dissected.  Maya Rudolph offered a funny jab:

“Kristen Bell is like a human ray of sunshine.  Too bad that sunshine can be a little blinding sometimes, especially when she’s hosting another awards show.” 

Ryan Reynolds (encore performance!)  

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The king of meta-humor returned for another roasting round.  This time, the jokes targeted his relentless self-promotion, his questionable business ventures (anyone remember Mint Mobile?), and his ever-growing family with Blake Lively. 

Hugh Jackman, his on-screen frenemy from Deadpool, couldn’t resist:  “Ryan Reynolds is the reason Canada apologized for Nickelback… again.  This time for giving him a platform for his self-deprecating humor.”  

Viola Davis

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The award-winning actress, known for her powerful performances, got roasted with respect and admiration.  Jokes poked fun at her intimidating screen presence (did anyone dare disagree with Annalise Keating?), her ability to chew scenery (in the best way possible), and her dedication to her craft. 

Tiffany Haddish offered a playful jab: “Viola Davis is so good, she could make reciting the phone book sound like Shakespeare, and turn it into a one-woman show about the struggles of the telephone repair industry.” 

Snoop Dogg

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The laid-back rapper turned pop culture icon took center stage.  Roasters reveled in his relaxed persona, his collaborations with everyone from Martha Stewart to Justin Bieber, and his undeniable coolness factor. 

Chelsea Handler delivered a funny line: “Snoop Dogg is so chill, he could narrate a documentary about paint drying and make it sound interesting. He would narrate it while making a breakfast sandwich.” 

Ted Lasso (fictional character)   

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

In a unique twist, the ever-optimistic AFC Richmond coach Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis) was roasted as a character.  Jokes focused on his relentless positivity, his folksy sayings, and his uncanny ability to win over everyone he meets. 

Higgins, the grumpy team director, got a rare comedic moment: “Ted Lasso is so optimistic, he could find a silver lining in a zombie apocalypse. He might just try to bake cookies for the zombies and offer them a game of darts.” 

Taylor Swift

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The pop music icon faced the roasters, ready to laugh at herself (and her exes).  Jokes tackled her ever-growing collection of breakup anthems, her squad of famous friends, and her mastery of social media. 

But the tone remained lighthearted, with a touch of awe for her musical achievements.  Hailee Steinfeld offered a playful jab: “Taylor Swift can write a hit song about a spilled latte. But her fans, they might dissect the lyrics for hidden meanings about her relationship with a barista.” 

Tom Holland

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swung into the roast.  Jokes focused on his youthful charm, his tendency to trip and fall (with great power comes great clumsiness?), and his ever-growing filmography. 

Zendaya, his co-star and rumored girlfriend, delivered a funny line: “Tom Holland is so young, he doesn’t even know what a roast is. Although, he might just trip and fall into it with a charming smile.”  

The Kardashians (collective roast)

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

Keeping Up With the Kardashians may have ended, but the family that roasts together stays together (kind of).  The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan faced the comedic firestorm, with jokes about their reality show empire, their social media dominance, and their ever-expanding family tree. 

Amy Schumer offered a crowd-pleaser: “The Kardashians are like a never-ending soap opera, only with better hair and more product endorsements. They’d probably turn a roast into a brand deal opportunity.”  

David Letterman

Roasting Royalty: Top 13 hilarious celebrity roast

The late-night legend emerged from retirement for a roast unlike any other.  Comedians paid tribute to his iconic career, his grumpy persona (a comedic gift!), and his ability to interview anyone and get them to crack.  Late-night rival Jimmy Kimmel offered a heartfelt roast:

“Dave Letterman is the grumpy grandpa of late-night television.  But even with all his grumbling, he paved the way for a generation of comedians, including yours truly. He’d probably rather be at home watching reruns of his show and complaining about the quality of cable these days.”  

These roasts are a testament to the enduring power of humor and the ability of celebrities to laugh at themselves.  They remind us that even the most famous people are human, and they can take a joke (or at least pretend to).

So, the next time a celebrity roast is announced, grab your popcorn and settle in for a night of laughter, a few winces, and a whole lot of entertainment.  

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