Doomsday at the Multiplex: 13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

From killer comets to creepy crawlies, we explore the most epic cinematic apocalypses of the last decade


Whether it’s due to natural disasters, alien invasions, or human folly, these films take us on a thrilling ride to the end of the world. Here’s a list of 13 movies where the world actually ends.

There’s something inherently fascinating about the idea of the world coming to an end. From ancient prophecies to modern science fiction, this concept has captured the imagination of storytellers and audiences alike.

Over the past decade, filmmakers have explored this theme in various ways, offering us a glimpse into possible apocalyptic scenarios. So let’s take a look at these 13 movies where the world actually ends.


13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating exploration of space and time. The Earth is facing a catastrophic environmental collapse, and humanity’s only hope lies in finding a new habitable planet.

The film follows a group of astronauts who embark on a perilous journey through a wormhole in search of a new home. As they encounter black holes, time dilation, and the limits of human endurance, the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.

“Interstellar” masterfully blends scientific accuracy with emotional depth, making it a must-watch for any end-of-the-world enthusiast.

Mad Max: Fury Road

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

In George Miller’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the world has already ended, and what’s left is a barren wasteland ruled by warlords and maniacs. The film follows Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and Imperator Furiosa

(Charlize Theron) as they lead a group of women in a daring escape from the tyrannical Immortan Joe. With its relentless action, breathtaking stunts, and striking visuals, “Mad Max: Fury Road” redefines the genre and delivers a high-octane thrill ride from start to finish.

The 5th Wave 

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

Based on Rick Yancey’s novel, “The 5th Wave” presents a chilling vision of an alien invasion that systematically wipes out humanity in a series of escalating attacks. The film follows teenager Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) as she

navigates the chaos and attempts to rescue her brother. With each wave bringing a new horror, from EMP blasts to viral pandemics, “The 5th Wave” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, questioning what they would do to survive an alien apocalypse.


13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” takes place in a frozen wasteland after a failed climate-change experiment has killed nearly all life on Earth. The remaining survivors are confined to a perpetually moving train, where class warfare erupts between

the impoverished tail-section passengers and the wealthy elites at the front. Chris Evans stars as Curtis, a reluctant leader who leads a violent rebellion to take control of the train.

“Snowpiercer” is a gripping, action-packed film that explores themes of inequality, survival, and humanity’s resilience in the face of extinction.

10 Cloverfield Lane

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

In “10 Cloverfield Lane,” a young woman named Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up in an underground bunker after a car accident, only to be told by her captor, Howard (John Goodman), that the world outside has ended.

As Michelle grapples with the uncertainty of her situation and Howard’s increasingly erratic behavior, the tension mounts to a shocking conclusion. This psychological thriller keeps viewers guessing until the very end, with an unexpected twist that ties it into the larger “Cloverfield” universe.


13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

Dean Devlin’s “Geostorm” is a disaster movie on an epic scale. In the near future, a network of climate-controlling satellites designed to prevent natural disasters malfunctions, causing catastrophic weather events around the globe.

Gerard Butler stars as Jake Lawson, a scientist tasked with saving the world from an impending geostorm that threatens to wipe out humanity. With its over-the-top special effects and non-stop action, “Geostorm” is a guilty pleasure for fans of apocalyptic chaos.

Bird Box 

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

“Bird Box,” based on Josh Malerman’s novel, depicts a world where an unseen entity drives people to suicide if they look at it. Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, a mother who embarks on a perilous

journey with her two children to find a safe haven, all while blindfolded to avoid the deadly sight. The film’s tense atmosphere and psychological horror make it a gripping watch, as viewers are left to imagine the terror that lies just out of sight.


13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

In “Greenland,” Gerard Butler plays John Garrity, an ordinary man racing against time to get his family to safety as a comet fragments hurtle towards Earth, threatening to cause an extinction-level event. The film focuses on the human drama and

desperation that unfold in the face of imminent destruction, offering a more grounded and emotional take on the disaster movie genre. “Greenland” stands out for its realistic portrayal of how people might react when the end of the world is nigh.

Love and Monsters

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

“Love and Monsters” blends romance, comedy, and action in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by mutated monsters. Dylan O’Brien stars as Joel, a young man who decides to leave his underground bunker and traverse 80 miles of monster-infested

terrain to reunite with his high school sweetheart. Along the way, he encounters a colorful cast of characters and learns what it takes to survive. The film’s mix of heart, humor, and thrilling action makes it a standout in the genre.

The Midnight Sky

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

Directed by and starring George Clooney, “The Midnight Sky” is a hauntingly beautiful film set in a post-apocalyptic world where a global catastrophe has rendered the Earth uninhabitable. Clooney

plays Augustine, a lone scientist in the Arctic who must warn a returning spaceship of the planet’s dire condition. The film weaves together themes of isolation, redemption, and hope, offering a poignant meditation on humanity’s place in the universe.

Don’t Look Up

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

Adam McKay’s satirical dark comedy “Don’t Look Up” tackles the end of the world with a sharp, biting humor. The film follows two astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) who discover a comet on a collision course with Earth

and struggle to convince a disinterested public and inept government to take action. With its star-studded cast and scathing social commentary, “Don’t Look Up” is both hilarious and terrifying, holding up a mirror to our own society’s response to global crises.

A Quiet Place Part II

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

In “A Quiet Place Part II,” the world has been overrun by deadly creatures that hunt by sound. The film picks up where the first one left off, following the Abbott family as they navigate the dangers of the

outside world while trying to stay silent. With its intense suspense and emotional depth, “A Quiet Place Part II” expands on the original’s premise and delivers a nerve-wracking experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Tomorrow War

13 Movies Where The World Actually Ends Or Goes Boom

In “The Tomorrow War,” Chris Pratt stars as Dan Forester, a former soldier who is drafted into a future war against an alien invasion. The twist? The war takes place 30 years in the future, and soldiers from the present are sent forward in time to fight.

As Dan and his fellow recruits battle the relentless alien threat, they must also grapple with the implications of time travel and the fate of humanity. “The Tomorrow War” combines sci-fi action with a compelling story, making it a thrilling ride from start to finish.

These 13 movies where the world actually ends. Offer a diverse array of apocalyptic scenarios, each with its own unique take on the end of the world. From epic space odysseys to intimate character dramas, these films explore the resilience of the

human spirit in the face of unimaginable odds. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed blockbusters or thought-provoking sci-fi, there’s something on this list for everyone. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to witness the end of the world, one movie at

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