Royal Enthusiasts Are Captivated By Meghan Markle’s Impeccably Toned Arms At The Miami Polo Match, Curious How The Duchess Maintains Such A Sculpted Physique

Royal Enthusiasts Are Captivated By Meghan Markle's Impeccably Toned Arms At The Miami Polo Match, Curious How The Duchess Maintains Such A Sculpted Physique

Meghan Markle once again found herself in the limelight as she and Prince Harry attended a polo championship in Miami yesterday afternoon.

The Duchess of Sussex, aged 42, exuded California chic in a $812 (£650) dress by local designer Heidi Merrick and carried a Maison Valentino bag worth £2,650 as they participated in the Royal Salute Polo Challenge on Friday.

While Meghan has been known to favor the One Stud White Leather Crossbody Bag, which she has sported on several occasions, it wasn’t her elegant silk gown that caught the attention of royal observers. Instead, it was a particular feature that sparked discussions on social media – her remarkably toned arms.

One social media user exclaimed, ‘My god, she has the most fabulous arms and shoulders; this dress is perfect for her,’ while another simply stated, ‘Meghan’s arms and shoulders?!!!!! GUYS?!’

Although her toned physique garnered attention, achieving this sculpted look was not necessarily an easy journey for the Duchess of Sussex. As a mother-of-two, she has endorsed activities such as boxing, yoga, hiking, and full-body workouts. But are they the secret? What kind of regimen does it truly take to attain such a physique?

According to Alexander Legezynski, founder of West London Personal Training, achieving toned shoulders and arms boils down to one fundamental factor: the ratio of lean muscle to fat volume.

He said that the best way to maintain lean muscle in arms is through resistance training: ‘The resistance can come from weights, bands or your bodyweight. As long as the muscle is being challenged, it works. 

‘Meghan regularly practices Pilates and yoga, which achieve the same result. Resistance training creates lean muscle. Muscle takes energy to maintain, which increases your base metabolism and helps to burn fat throughout the day.’

He explained that: ‘Not everyone has to take the same steps. Some people will need to eat less, others the same, and some will need to eat more. Meghan has previously said that she eats a lot of fish and vegetables. Fish, in particular, offers lean protein to support muscle with hardly any fat.’

Another leading fitness trainer, Courtney Black, has created an exclusive workout routine for the Royals section to help you get toned arms and shoulders.

Courtney says: ‘When you see yourself getting stronger, when you feel those muscles working, it’s a boost to your confidence that carries over into all aspects of your life. It’s not just about looking great; it’s about feeling great, inside and out.’

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