Sarah Ferguson Expresses Gratitude To Supporters For Their “Cherished” Encouragement During Her Battle With Cancer On Personalized Card Adorned With Late Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis

Sarah Ferguson Expresses Gratitude To Supporters For Their

The Duchess of York, aged 64, responded to the supportive message with an endearing illustrated card featuring corgis adorned with crowns, dog collars, beds, bones, and tennis balls.

The card also included a picture of Prince Andrew’s former wife lying in the grass alongside the late Queen Elizabeth’s beloved royal pups, which she used to care for.

The Instagram account @theroyalmailbox, known for sharing correspondence with royals and socialites, shared a photo of the exchange.

 “I received this lovely response from Sarah, Duchess of York, regarding her cancer diagnosis,” the caption read. ‘This card is double-sided.’

The card depicted a photograph of Prince Andrew’s former spouse reclining in the grass alongside the late Queen Elizabeth’s cherished royal corgis, whom she once cared for.

The card was dispatched on February 3, and the sender received a response on April 11. This heartfelt gesture arrives at a challenging time for the royal family, as Sarah, King Charles III, and the Princess of Wales are all undergoing cancer treatment.

In January, the Duchess disclosed her diagnosis of skin cancer, mere months after undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer. Last month, the mother of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie expressed her deep admiration for Kate Middleton’s decision to share her own diagnosis.

Taking to social media, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, known as Fergie, paid tribute to the mother-of-three, saying “everyone is praying for her.”

In a sincere way Instagram In a statement, the Duchess said: ‘All my thoughts and prayers are with the Princess of Wales as she begins her treatment.

“I know she will be surrounded by the love of her family and everyone is praying for the best outcome. As someone who has experienced her own battle with cancer in recent months, I am in awe of the way she has spoken publicly about her diagnosis.”

Sarah herself was diagnosed with skin cancer just a few months after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

Speaking about Kate’s decision to reveal her own diagnosis, the Duchess added: I know it will do a huge amount of good to raise awareness.’

She concluded the message by saying, “I hope she now gets the time, space and privacy to heal.”

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