Student Who Alerted Teachers About A 13-Year-Old Transgender Female Classmate Possessing A ‘Hit List’ Courageously Speaks Out

Student Who Alerted Teachers About A 13-Year-Old Transgender Female Classmate Possessing A 'Hit List' Courageously Speaks Out

The incident occurred at Pennbrook Middle School on Wednesday, where a 13-year-old student ambushed her 12-year-old female victim in the school cafeteria, wielding a cup to strike her on the head, resulting in an open wound.

According to police, the unidentified victim required hospitalization and staples to close the head lacerations before undergoing concussion protocol.

In a statement during Thursday’s board meeting, School Superintendent Todd Bauer described the attack, captured on security camera, as “deeply disturbing.”

However, as one brave student, who chose to remain unidentified, revealed, not only did she alert teachers about the bullying student possessing a ‘hit list,’ but she also asserted that she would have been the next target if action had not been taken.

“You could have prevented it,” the courageous young girl asserted. “I informed you five hours before it happened. I cannot comprehend why you did not intervene.”

She further disclosed that the bully had been targeting another girl daily during lunchtime, with both students consistently reporting the impending threat to the counselor. The assailant brazenly threatened the students, repeatedly shouting, “I’m going to murder you!”

The girl recounted how she, along with two fellow students, completed paperwork detailing the imminent danger if no action was taken. Despite being warned with “watch your back” during lunch, a teacher dismissed her concerns, stating, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not going to happen.”

Furthermore, she noted that the attack persisted for 28 minutes, contradicting the school board’s assertion that it lasted only eight minutes.

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