Floatin’ Red Balloons & Sewer Frights: Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Pennywise's greatest hits! We countdown the most terrifying moments from the chilling movie adaptations of Stephen King's IT.


There’s a reason Stephen King‘s “IT” remains a horror classic. Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes is not just about the creepy clown lurking in the sewers; it’s the way the book (and subsequent films) tap into our deepest childhood fears, twisting them into grotesque nightmares.

Whether you faced down your fears in the 1990 miniseries or the 2017 and 2019 films, chances are, some scenes burrowed deep into your subconscious. So, grab your inhaler, Bev, and your trusty slingshot, Richie, because we’re revisiting the Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes.

Georgie’s Demise

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

This scene is the horrifying spark that ignites the entire story. Little Georgie loses his beloved red boat in a storm drain, only to be met by Pennywise, a seemingly friendly clown with a unsettling smile.

The reveal of Pennywise’s true monstrous form as he chomps down on Georgie’s arm is enough to make anyone wary of storm drains (and clowns) forever.

The Projector Scene

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Beverly Marsh is lured into the Neibolt Street house bathroom by a vision of her missing friend. But instead of comfort, she finds a grotesque, decaying form emerging from the sink, revealing a horrifying

slideshow of her own repressed childhood trauma. The scene’s shifting imagery, combined with the claustrophobic setting and the unsettling score, is pure nightmare fuel.

The Leper

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

This scene plays on the primal fear of disease and disfigurement. Ben encounters a grotesque leper in the sewers, a manifestation of his own fear of his own illness. The leper’s raspy voice, decaying form, and erratic movements make for a truly terrifying encounter.

The Deadlights

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Pennywise’s true form, the Deadlights, are a terrifying glimpse into the cosmic horror lurking beneath the surface. They are a swirling mass of yellow and orange lights that drive anyone who gazes upon them insane.

The sheer incomprehensibility of the Deadlights, coupled with the build-up of fear throughout the film, makes their reveal utterly horrifying.

The Headless Chase

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

This scene perfectly captures the helplessness and terror of childhood fear. Ben is chased through the Neibolt Street house basement by a headless, screeching figure that turns out to be his missing friend, Beverly’s decapitated head.

The scene’s frantic pace, jarring sound design, and the sheer absurdity of the situation make it both terrifying and strangely unforgettable.

The Clown Doll Room

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Richie Tozier, the resident jokester of the Losers’ Club, finds himself trapped in a room filled with grotesque clown dolls – all with haunting, staring eyes.

This scene perfectly preys on Richie’s fear of clowns, and the dolls’ uncanny resemblance to Pennywise creates a suffocating atmosphere of dread.

The Burning Hands

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Eddie Kaspbrak, plagued by his fear of germs and sickness, encounters a horrifying manifestation of his anxieties. His inhaler malfunctions, and he’s

confronted with a monstrous creature with burning hands. The scene’s raw depiction of Eddie’s panic and the grotesque imagery of the creature make it incredibly disturbing.

The Painting

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

This scene taps into our fear of the unknown and the blurring lines between reality and illusion. Beverly sees a horrifying image of a woman

emerging from a well in a painting hanging in her new house. The image seems to come alive, foreshadowing the horrors that lie beneath Derry.

The Ferry Encounter

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Henry Bowers, the local bully tormenting the Losers’ Club, becomes possessed by Pennywise. This scene’s shift from a tense confrontation to a display of inhuman strength and violence is unsettling.

The sight of Henry’s contorted face and his chilling laughter as he throws a young boy off a bridge is deeply disturbing.

Beverly’s Sacrifice

Top 10 Scariest IT Scenes That Will Haunt Your Dreams

This emotionally charged scene plays on our fear of loss and the fragility of childhood innocence. Beverly confronts Pennywise in her true form, the Deadlights, to save her friends.

The scene is a powerful mix of terror and selflessness, culminating in a moment of heartbreaking sacrifice.

Beyond the Goosebumps: The Enduring Power of IT’s Scares

“IT” isn’t just a collection of jump scares and creepy visuals. It taps into something deeper, exploiting universal childhood fears and anxieties. The Losers’ Club represents the power of friendship and facing our fears together. Here’s why these scenes continue to scare us, even years later:

“IT” stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling. It’s more than just a scary movie; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has resonated with audiences for decades.

The film’s exploration of childhood fears, the charismatic villainy of Pennywise, and the strength of the Losers’ Club have cemented its place in horror history.

When you hear the unsettling strains of “Pop Goes the Weasel,” or catch a glimpse of a red balloon floating down the street, remember: sometimes, the things that scare us most are the things that lurk just beneath the surface. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find yourself reaching for your trusty slingshot, just in case.

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