Two Individuals Detained In Germany On Suspicion Of Espionage For Russia

Two Individuals Detained In Germany On Suspicion Of Espionage For Russia

Two individuals of German-Russian descent have been apprehended in Germany on suspicion of espionage, with one of them accused of plotting attacks on potential targets, including U.S. military installations, in an attempt to disrupt aid for Ukraine, prosecutors revealed on Thursday.

The suspects, identified only as Dieter S. and Alexander J. in accordance with German privacy laws, were taken into custody on Wednesday in the Bavarian city of Bayreuth, federal prosecutors disclosed.

According to prosecutors, Dieter S. had been engaged in discussions regarding potential acts of sabotage in Germany with an individual associated with Russian intelligence since October.

The primary objective was to undermine the military assistance provided by Germany to Ukraine. The suspect expressed willingness to execute bombing and arson attacks on military infrastructure and industrial sites in Germany, prosecutors stated in a release.

He also collected information on possible targets, including U.S. military facilities. Alexander J. allegedly assisted him in these activities, starting no later than March, while Dieter S. conducted reconnaissance on some of the locations, capturing photos and videos of military equipment, and relayed the information to his intelligence contact.

A judge ordered Dieter S. to remain in custody pending potential charges on Wednesday, while Alexander J. was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday for a closed-door hearing.

Additionally, Dieter S. faces separate allegations of being part of an armed unit affiliated with pro-Russian separatist forces in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine between December 2014 and September 2016.

Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine over two years ago, Germany has become the second-largest supplier of weapons to Ukraine after the United States. The U.S. maintains a significant military presence in Germany, particularly in Bavaria.

Following the arrests, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann emphasized the need for a robust response to the threat posed by the Russian power apparatus, stating that Germany must react firmly to such aggression.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser reaffirmed Germany’s commitment to thwarting Russian threats and providing steadfast support to Ukraine.

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