Why Is Prince Andrew, Who Is Not Considered A Working Member Of The Royal Family, Is Utilizing A £100,000 Range Rover Equipped With Police Lights For A Lavish Lunch In Mayfair

Why Is Prince Andrew, Who Is Not Considered A Working Member Of The Royal Family, Is Utilizing A £100,000 Range Rover Equipped With Police Lights For A Lavish Lunch In Mayfair

Prince Andrew finds himself embroiled in controversy once again, this time concerning his Range Rover, which is equipped with blue emergency lights.

Despite stepping down from royal duties due to his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Duke of York reportedly continues to use a £100,000 4X4 for outings such as horse-riding trips in Windsor and lunches at exclusive establishments like Harry’s Bar in Mayfair.

Critics of the royal family express surprise that Prince Andrew still enjoys certain privileges despite his non-active royal status. He has been spotted driving the Range Rover both in Windsor and central London, often accompanied by private protection officers trailing in a £60,000 Land Rover Discovery, as detailed by The Mail.

The Range Rover, designated for the duke’s use, is equipped with police lights, while the accompanying Land Rover features amber hazard lights, both being part of a fleet leased by the Royal Household. While it’s illegal for the public to install blue lights on their vehicles, members of the Royal Family are granted special dispensation for official engagements and police convoys.

However, considering Andrew’s departure from active royal duties, there are limited circumstances, such as State Funerals or Coronations, where he or his private security team would legitimately require the use of these lights. It’s reported that the blue lights on Andrew’s Range Rover have never been activated.

This preferential treatment has prompted scrutiny at Scotland Yard, with sources questioning why “this vehicle fitted with emergency equipment is being driven” by Prince Andrew.

Nazir Afzal OBE, a former Chief Crown Prosecutor, told The Mail: “There is no justification for Andrew having these blue lights. The vehicle should be withdrawn.

“It’s highly inappropriate, suggests arrogance and sends out a message that he is entitled to services that the average citizen wouldn’t be. There needs to be a review so only working Royals should have access to this privilege.”

Dai Davies, former head of royalty protection at Scotland Yard, added: “Andrew does not need or warrant these blue lights in the current circumstances. The only rationale would be if his threat level changes and his police protection is reintroduced.”

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