Will Meghan Markle SPLIT away from Prince Harry? One THING shows she’s ready


Meghan Markle carving her own path these days means one thing; staying away from Prince Harry, according to an expert.

Body language expert Darren Stanton has observed a significant evolution in Meghan Markle’s demeanour, noting an increase in resilience alongside her inherent confidence.

Carving Her Own Path

The Duchess of Sussex launched a website and Instagram account for American Riviera Orchard -her fresh lifestyle brand and business endeavour.

Though, limited details have been disclosed about American Riviera Orchard, but a trademark application lodged on February 2 this year lifts lid on the firm’s intention to provide downloadable and printed recipe books, tableware, textiles, and jams and marmalades, as per the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

The expert shares his belief: ‘When we look at how Meghan has developed over the years she’s been by Prince Harry’s side, she has always been confident and headstrong. Her levels of confidence have grown from fronting events alone as well as alongside Harry, including the Invictus Games.

Also, ‘When we see Meghan speak to the public or the press in appearances, she is supremely confident. What has been most noticeable about Meghan in the past few years is that her levels of resilience have also developed. Her speech is at a neutral tone, which tells us she feels certain with hardly any nerves creeping in.’

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Does Meghan Feel More Independently?

Stretching his analysis, he explained Meghan Markle’s body language these days: ‘It also suggests she’s comfortable in her own skin and feels empowered and willing to take things on independently.

‘When we see her being photographed in recent outings, she holds her head high with her shoulders back – and that tells us she feels strong and good about herself,’ she continued.

Darren fears that Meghan Markle’s latest venture into launching a new lifestyle brand is a sign of her finding her true calling which may mean a split away from Prince Harry eventually.

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