A Female Passenger Vows To Never Use Uber Again After Discovering The Driver Engaging In An Inappropriate Act Behind The Wheel

A Female Passenger Vows To Never Use Uber Again After Discovering The Driver Engaging In An Inappropriate Act Behind The Wheel

The day began like any other typical day but ended with Tayla Pimlott feeling terrified for her safety while seated in the back of an Uber.

After a long day at work, she simply sought a “quick and quiet” ride home during rush hour and opted to avoid public transportation. However, moments after arriving home, she found herself “fighting back tears.”

At around 3:30 pm, the 26-year-old embarked on a short journey from the Adelaide CBD to Campbelltown.

As she glanced up from her phone, something caught her attention in the backseat, causing her dismay. Disturbed, she recounted noticing her driver engaging in inappropriate behavior while driving.

“Usually, when someone removes their pants, there are some wrinkles or signs, but I didn’t observe anything like that; I just noticed a subtle hand gesture,” she shared with Yahoo News. “It was clear to me that he (the Uber driver) had exposed himself and was masturbating.”

In those fleeting moments, Tayla’s mind raced with numerous thoughts. She contemplated contacting the authorities, confronting the driver, or finding a way to exit the moving vehicle.

Despite feeling “violated” with a man allegedly pleasuring himself less than a meter away, she admitted to battling an internal voice urging her to believe she was overreacting. Nonetheless, the pressing concern remained – prioritizing her safety.

She reached out to her mother and boyfriend and successfully recorded footage of the incident with the hope of providing evidence to the police. She recognized the importance of having proof, as reporting the incident without evidence would lead to a “he said, she said” situation.

 “Part of me thought, ‘Oh God, I could die, I could be raped, this man could touch me,’” she said. “My brain was frozen and my heart was beating… I was petrified.”

Tayla decided the best solution was to pretend she didn’t notice what was happening and explain that she was afraid the driver might react if she confronted him.

When she got home, where her mother was waiting for her, she had to ask the driver to open the door.

“He turned completely around, looked at me and in the most terrifying voice I have ever heard, he said, ‘Thank you very much,’” she said. In utter horror she replied; “You’re welcome,” and I ran out of the Uber.

“I felt like if I made a big fuss about it, I would put myself in more danger… I had to be polite… I felt embarrassed.”

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