A Frightened Three-Year-Old Girl Informed Her Parents Of Monsters In Her Bedroom, Only To Discover It Was Actually A Swarm Of 60,000 Bees

A Frightened Three-Year-Old Girl Informed Her Parents Of Monsters In Her Bedroom, Only To Discover It Was Actually A Swarm Of 60,000 Bees

When three-year-old Saylor Class expressed her fears of monsters lurking in her bedroom, her parents initially chalked it up to a child’s active imagination.

However, their perception swiftly changed when a beekeeper discovered tens of thousands of honeybees above the girl’s bedroom, as reported by the BBC.

Saylor had been voicing concerns about “monsters in the wall” of her room in their farmhouse located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Initially, her mother, Ashley Massis Class, and her husband didn’t give much credence to her fears, attributing them to their recent viewing of the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.

“We even gave her a bottle of water and said it was monster spray so that she could spray away any of the monsters at night,” Massis Class, a home designer told the BBC. 

However, the ploy proved ineffective; over the ensuing months, Saylor became increasingly insistent that there was something inside her closet.

Eventually, her mother began to piece together the puzzle, noticing bees congregating in clusters in the attic and chimney outside their hundred-year-old home. She surmised that Saylor must have been hearing the buzzing noise near her bedroom ceiling.

Mrs. Class contacted a pest control company, which identified the insects as honeybees, a species protected in the US.

Subsequently, they enlisted the help of a beekeeper, who observed the insects migrating toward the floorboards of the attic directly above their daughter’s bedroom. According to the BBC report, the bees spent eight months constructing their hive. The beekeeper utilized a thermal camera to examine the walls in the three-year-old’s bedroom.

“It lit up like Christmas,” Massis Class said.

The beekeeper, affectionately referred to as the “monster hunter” by the reassured child, was taken aback by the revelation. The hive extended much further into the wall than he had ever encountered.

Tracing a path that led to a small coin-sized hole in an attic vent, he cautiously opened the wall, unveiling a massive honeycomb teaming with activity.

According to BBC reports, the beekeeper removed between 55,000 and 65,000 bees along with 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of honeycomb. Mrs. Class estimates that the bees have caused upwards of $20,000 in damages.

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