A Man Earning Three Times The Minimum Wage Claims He Still Struggles To Make Ends Meet, Declaring, “The American Dream Is Dead”

A Man Earning Three Times The Minimum Wage Claims He Still Struggles To Make Ends Meet, Declaring,

A worker frustrated by his financial struggles claims that the “American dream is dead,” despite holding multiple jobs and earning three times the minimum wage.

Nic Sumners aired his grievances on TikTok last month, questioning why he still struggles to make ends meet despite his income exceeding the federal minimum wage.

In his video posted on April 2, Sumners expressed frustration at the notion that working excessively should be the standard for financial stability. While the federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 per hour, Sumners indicated that he earns around $22 per hour, equivalent to $45,760 annually.

He criticized both the Republican and Democratic parties for contributing to a system where individuals like him suffer financially. Sumners highlighted the stark contrast between his financial struggles and the relative ease of living for previous generations.

He lamented the exorbitant costs of housing, particularly in relation to his income. Sumners also questioned the government’s allocation of funds to foreign aid while American citizens faced financial hardships.

He expressed disillusionment with the current state of affairs and concluded that the American dream is no longer attainable for many.

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