Vaping: 30-year-old mom’s lung is FRIED like chicken and her lungs now of an 80-year-old


A mother reveals how vaping triggered a deadly respiratory infection that caused her lungs to become ‘fried’ and resemble the organ of an 80 year-old.

She Vaped Everyday

Hannah Roth explained the first sign something was wrong was a ‘popping’ sound when she breathed in, which developed after four years of daily vaping.

Ms Roth started vaping due to the stress of the pandemic lockdown and was soon puffing on her device ‘every hour of the day’.

Last month, she developed a fever of 104°F (40°C) last month which, coupled with the ‘popping’ sound, made her seek medical help.

The Discovery

The mom-of-two was horrified when doctors eventually discovered she had pneumonia, which they said was specifically caused by vaping.

Scans revealed her lungs resembled the organs of someone in their 80s or a patient who had smoked for a decade. 

The receptionist said the doctor threw her menthol vape in the trash and warned she would ‘die’ if she continued the habit.

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Roth is Scared

Ms Roth said: ‘The doctor told me if I kept using the vapes I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

‘It was quite scary as a mother. I knew I couldn’t vape again as I’ve got two kids to take care of.’

‘I was really mad at myself because I had no idea that vaping could do that.

‘The doctor told me “every time that you’re hitting that vape, that vapor is going into your lungs and it’s like frying hot chicken in there.” The intensity of it was frying my lungs.

‘That’s why it was making a popping sound when I was breathing.’

At first, Ms Roth was misdiagnosed with the flu.

But a week later, she went to the hospital‘s emergency department in Scott County, and doctors there discovered she had pneumonia – an infection that inflames air sacs in the lungs.

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