Are Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Planning A Divorce

Are Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Planning A Divorce

It feels like just yesterday that the world was captivated by the news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rekindling their romance, a nostalgic sequel to their famous early 2000s relationship.

Now, two years into this glamorous reboot, rumors are swirling once again about the stability of their relationship. Could this spell the end of “Bennifer 2.0”? Here’s what we know so far.

Still Wearing Their Rings?

Despite the intense speculation, the couple was spotted together for the first time in 47 days on May 19, both still wearing their wedding rings.

They were not only together but were also photographed smiling, seemingly unaffected by the rumors of trouble.

Social Media Signals?

On the same day, Jennifer Lopez “liked” a particularly significant post on Instagram from @yourcourageouscomeback, which discussed the types of people with whom one cannot build a healthy relationship.

The post mentioned traits such as a lack of integrity and respect for time, prompting speculation about its relevance to her own marriage.

Searching for a New Sanctuary?

Adding to the complexities of their relationship, Jennifer was photographed house hunting in Beverly Hills on May 14 without Ben.

Accompanied by her longtime producing partner, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, she was seen exploring luxury properties, which raised questions about her living arrangements and future plans.

A Clash of Lifestyles?

During the premiere of J-Lo’s documentary, “This is Me… Now: A Love Story,” she gave an emotional speech about Ben’s support, despite his reservations about their public life.

“I know he hates that I’m doing this right now,” she admitted, highlighting their differing comfort levels with the spotlight.

“We’re just two people with kind of different approaches trying to learn to compromise,” Ben added. 

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