Actress Demi Moore Explains Her Decision To Do Full-Frontal N*de Scene In Cannes Film

Actress Demi Moore Explains Her Decision To Do Full-Frontal N*de Scene In Cannes Film

Demi Moore is revealing both the literal and figurative reasons behind her decision to perform full-frontal n*dity in her new feminist body horror film at Cannes.

During a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival following the premiere of “The Substance,” Moore discussed how stripping down for the role demanded significant vulnerability and rawness, which she felt was essential for telling the story.

She praised her co-star, Margaret Qualley, for helping to calm her nerves and being a fantastic scene partner during their n*de scenes.

In one particularly graphic scene, Moore and Qualley engage in a fully n*ked, intense fight, which Moore described as surprisingly fun behind the scenes due to their camaraderie.

Moore acknowledged that the film pushed her out of her comfort zone but emphasized that the explicit scenes were crucial for the narrative. She also credited director Coralie Fargeat for handling the scenes with sensitivity and creating an environment of mutual trust.

“The Substance” is said to explore themes such as beauty standards, toxic masculinity, and female self-hatred.

In the film, Demi Moore returns to the spotlight as Elisabeth Sparkle, a fading, youth-obsessed celebrity who resorts to a black-market drug.

This potion transforms her into a younger, enhanced version of herself, portrayed by Margaret Qualley, leading to some steamy on-screen moments between the two actresses.

The campy, satirical horror film made a significant impact, earning an impressive 11-minute standing ovation at Cannes.

While Cannes is known for enthusiastic applause, this ovation stands out as the longest of the festival so far this year. There is no release date for the film yet.

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