Brave cops ‘scale the side of skyscraper’ to RESCUE distraught woman 54-stories in the air


A ‘brave’ team of New York police officers on May 1 scaled the side of skyscraper to rescue a distraught woman 54-stories in the air.

The incident occurred in Midtown Manhattan, and was captured by one of the intrepid detectives’ body cameras.

How it Unfolded

Officers explained in a clip shared on X/Twitter how the woman was hoisted to safety, after being found on a ledge outside protective glass that is meant to keep spectators safe.

The minute-long video tells the story, and how detectives worked together with a system of ropes and pulleys to get the woman on solid ground. 

It remains unclear if she was suicidal.

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‘We’re right here! We’re not going anywhere!’ one of the Emergency Service Unit officers is heard assuring the woman as her and at least six other officers arrived on the scene.

‘I got her,’ another adds, as the clip cuts to a few minutes later, as they pulled her arm between an open space between the panels of protective glass to help her keep her footing.

‘What’s your name?’ an officer asks her, before propelling himself over the more than five-feet tall partition with a harness and rope.

Her response is censored, but the officers’ ensuing words of encouragement are not.

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