Britney Spears Labeled Her Sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, As A “B***H” In A Now-Deleted Video Amidst The Unexpected $2 Million Settlement With Her Father

Britney Spears Labeled Her Sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, As A

Britney Spears, in a now-deleted video shared on her Instagram stories on Tuesday, referred to her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, as a ‘b***h’.

The 42-year-old singer, who recently deleted her Instagram account amidst claims of being ‘completely dysfunctional’, filmed herself while seated in a vehicle’s passenger seat. Accompanied by others, including someone she referred to as her assistant, they were en route to horseback riding.

During the clip, Britney brought up the topic of camping, mentioning her sister’s experience on the UK reality series ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’ last year. Referring to Jamie Lynn’s time on the show, Britney remarked, ‘And they bathed her in the jungle, little st. She said, “Bathe me, ‘cuz I’m like, stuck in the jungle and I miss my kids. Oh, cater to me.” Little b*h.’

Following a brief pause, Britney pondered, ‘Now, what would we do in the jungle?’ She also added text to the bottom of the reel, writing, ‘I like talking like my assistant…she’s British!!!’ The ‘Toxic’ singer concluded, ‘I wanna be a little b***h and get a bath in the jungle like my sis.’

This Instagram story came shortly after Jamie Lynn posted a cryptic message following Britney’s surprising $2 million settlement with their father, Jamie Spears, last week. According to reports, Britney is required to cover her father’s $2 million legal fees while receiving nothing in return, reportedly leaving her ‘furious’.

In response, the former Nickelodeon actress shared a photo on her Instagram stories of a boy pursing his lips with the caption: ‘Me watching what I predicted unfold after everyone told me I was crazy.’

Despite their turbulent history, both Britney and her younger sister seemed to have reconciled recently.

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