Commotion at Marbella pool club as security violently SLAPS women (Video)


A security guard at a Costa del Sol pool club popular with British tourists slapped two women during a violent ruckus as others tried to steal phones from onlookers recording the incident. 


The commotion happened at the Nao Pool Club in Marbella, when a crowd of revellers spilled into the car park. 

A security team dressed in black trousers and white polo-necks were dispatched to calm the situation, but one particularly burly bouncer entered ‘beast mode’ when a slender woman in a green dress appeared to swing her handbag at him. 


Blocking her bag, he retaliated with a violent slap that clouted the side of her head, and moments later launched an even more erratic swing at a second woman who came to her defence, hitting her square on the cheek and sending her stumbling away. 

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A British holidaymaker who recorded the incident also appeared to catch on film how one of the bouncer’s colleagues surged into the crowd, attempting to seize the phones of shocked onlookers who had also filmed the slaps. 

The recorder said, ‘They tried to snatch my phone for recording them and the security guard tried fighting me and my friend, grabbed a chair to try to hit me and my friend for recording.’

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