‘Don’t Hesitate To Approach Her Even If She Has A Boyfriend’ – Nigerian Pastor Encourages Men

‘Don't Hesitate To Approach Her Even If She Has A Boyfriend’ - Nigerian Pastor Encourages Men

Nigerian pastor, Sam Odeg, has encouraged men not to hesitate to approach unmarried women, even if they are currently in a relationship.

He shared this advice in a Facebook post on Sunday, May 19, while recounting how he won his wife from her then-boyfriend.

“My Open Confession. The first day I saw my wife, she was with her boyfriend. They were watching a movie in one particular phone (which I later found out belonged to the boyfriend).

“That same day, while she was giggling and laughing with him, I called her out,” he wrote. “Excuse me please. Can I see you?

“The boyfriend looked up to know who was calling her. When he saw me, his eyes were full of anger. But I didn’t care. I no send.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that the guy was from Imo State (I think so. Maybe I’ll ask my wife when she comes back today). He travelled down to my village that year just to see my wife (his girlfriend then).

“And they landed right in my compound in the village, watching movie in his phone. So, he travelled down from Imo State to Abiriba just to watch movies with a girl. And he didn’t see any other place to stay and watch the movie except my compound in the village. Some guys dey take risks sha.

“And I kinda liked that risk though. He probably was interested in doing “girlfriend” thing. Me, I wanted a “wife”. In my mind, I was like. Enyi, stop looking at me like that abeg. I don see wetin I dey find since.

“She took permission from him and came to answer me. After that very day, the rest was history. Today she’s my wife. And the guy? I mean, the boyfriend? He’s still very much unmarried as I write this, doing playboy. Saw him few months back.”

Moral of the story:

“If you are a girl, don’t let any “boyfriend” stop you from meeting your “husband” oh. If you are a man and you have seen a girl you are genuinely falling for, go and shoot your shot. Even if she has a boyfriend, no fear to approach her. Go with your full chest. Na me send you. I dey your back.

“The supposed “boyfriend” may just be a “boyfriend” and nothing more. Who knows, you might be the “husband”. No let anyone hold your wife for long in the name of a boyfriend.”

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