How Brit woman snatched her unconscious twin sister FROM jaws of 10ft ‘death-rolling’ crocodile


Melissa Laurie was snatched by a giant crocodile as she made her way out of the water in June 2021 at the edges of Manialtepec Lagoon in southern Mexico.

How it Went Down

Melissa had been swimming in the picturesque location with her twin after a rogue tour guide had wrongly advised them that the water was safe.

After seeing her sister being dragged back into the water by the cold-blooded predator, Georgia Laurie courageously jumped back in to find her twin unconscious lying face down.

Georgia Laurie (right), 31, courageously struck out when the animal dragged her sibling, Melissa (left)

Crocodile Then Came for Georgia

Before Melissa could be taken to safety, the crocodile came back and bit down on her before dragging her back into the water. 

Georgia fought off the reptile by repeatedly punching it on the nose with one hand while keeping her sister’s head above water with the other, which gave her a chance to drag her injured twin to a more secluded area. 

The Croc Tried Hard, But the Sisters Tried Harder

However, the horrifying ordeal wasn’t over. In a final assault, the croc ‘death rolled’ – a manoeuver in which a crocodile or alligator over with its prey in its jaws to brings its prey under water and drown it – Melissa back into the waters.

Melissa responded with more punches to the reptile’s face which forced it to release her sister. 


Melissa – who also developed sepsis as a result of her injuries and was put into an induced coma – survived with an open fracture to her wrist, severe puncture wounds to the abdomen and many injuries to her leg and foot, while Georgia was bitten on her hand.

The pair have since recovered – apart from mental and physical scars.

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She Will be Recognized for Her Bravery

Georgia will receive a bravery honour in the King’s first Civilian Gallantry Medal of King Charles III‘s reign.

Speaking of her shock said: ‘It’s an honour, I was so shocked as well when I received the letter because I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t expect it.’ 

She added: ‘I feel really privileged, it’s a silver lining to have come out of the terrible ordeal… it kind of softens the whole traumatic experience. 

‘It’s been a good thing for not just me but for the whole family, I feel like I have to share it with my sister because let’s face it I don’t think I would have been nominated for it if she didn’t survive.

She continued, ‘What’s made this story so incredible is Melissa’s unwavering bravery throughout it all because she was so strong during it and I don’t think I would be here without her, she really gave me the strength to keep fighting.’

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