Man attacks an elderly man on pavement – but TWO passers-by give him some instant street justice


A yob launch an unprompted attack on an elderly man after walking past him on a pavement in a Yorkshire town on Tuesday.

But the old man won’t suffer for long as calvary rode in to deliver instant karma.

How it Happened

The video shared on X/Twitter, showed a man wearing white shorts, trainers, a dark jumper and a backpack brush past an older couple on Chapel Lane in Keighley, West Yorkshire on Tuesday.

As he walks past, the man in the older couple, wearing a white jacket and dark trousers, turns his head towards the younger male who then turns as if responding to something and begins trekking back towards the elderly pair.

The Attacker Ran After Them

At this point the couple – the older man and a woman in an orange coat – have begun to walk away.

But the attacker then picks up pace as he advances and as the elderly man turns back around he is kicked in the side.

The attacker then appears to either strike or grab the man, who turns towards a wall and tumbles to the ground, taking his assailant, who stumbles as a bag rolls out of his backpack, down with him.

He Tries to Defend Himself

The elderly man lies on his side and lashes out with his foot in self-defence as he tries to repel the attacker while his companion looks on – before a man in a grey jumper runs to their aid.

He grabs the aggressor by the shoulders and wrenches him away, pulling him to the side and dragging him with such force that his shoe is dislodged from his foot.

The attacker retaliates by attempting to grab his leg – only for the passer-by to respond with a swift punch to the head.

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First, He Was a Good Samaritan

As this is happening, a man with a child’s buggy comes round the corner and a woman walking along the street walks into view, as the Good Samaritan picks up the attacker’s shoe and flings it down the street.

The red-headed pram-pusher looks on as the first person to step in and the woman help the elderly man to his feet; the attacker sits cross-legged, one shoe off, looking on, the confrontation seemingly over.

And Then a Calvary

But the man with the pram begins to remonstrate with the assailant, who stands up and staggers over to his shoe, his backpack flapping open.

Having picked up his trainer, he walks up to the red-headed man and appears to attempt to strike him over the head with it.

But the man with the pram blocks the incoming blow and tugs off his jacket, as the would-be attacker steps backwards.

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He Writhes in Pain

Throwing his coat to the ground, the red-headed man winds up his fists and throws a mean left hook, sending the attacker crashing backwards into the road.

He then walks away as the man writhes around in the street while the elderly couple continue on with their day.

The video post has been viewed 1.1million times and liked 13,000 times, according to the site’s analytics.

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