Man Found “Nailed” To A Fence By His Hands In What Authorities Suspect Was A “Sinister” Attack In Northern Ireland

Man Found

In a disturbing incident believed to be orchestrated by a paramilitary group, medics were captured on video rescuing a man who had been affixed to a fence by his hands, with nails driven through each.

According to police, the victim, believed to be in his 20s, was found in Bushmills, County Antrim, in the early hours of Sunday, May 5.

Video footage depicts a team of firefighters diligently working to extricate the man, who is shown standing with his back against the fence, arms outstretched.

Additional footage reveals flames engulfing two parked vans as fire services battle to extinguish the inferno.

Witnesses reported that firefighters attempted to free the man for approximately 45 minutes before resorting to cutting the fence, as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

Presently, the man is receiving medical treatment in the hospital, where his injuries have been characterized as life-changing, though not life-threatening.

An anonymous bystander noted that nearby graffiti, suspected to be related to the assault and arson, appeared to convey the message “thief last warning.”

The witness said: ‘We were there for the weekend. Someone knocked on the door and we opened the door and saw black smoke. We thought maybe another motorhome was on fire.

‘It wasn’t until afterwards that we saw police coming in and going around the back of the motorhomes. We didn’t realise why immediately but there was a guy nailed to the fence.

‘They were trying to hold the man up – he was falling in and out of consciousness. It took 45 minutes before they decided to cut the fence. The guy was put in the fire engine and the fire engine took him to hospital.’

Detectives have apprehended a 37-year-old man. He was taken into custody under the Terrorism Act in Bushmills on Friday and was subsequently released after interrogation on Saturday.

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