Netanyahu REJECTS Biden’s plans for post-war Gaza until Hamas is completely defeated on the battlefield


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vehemently rejected Biden’s plans for a post-war peace settlement in Gaza, reiterating ‘there is no alternative to military victory’ until Hamas is thoroughly defeated.

What Was Said?

‘The attempt to bypass it with this or that claim is simply detached from reality,’ BN argued in a video released by his office on Wednesday.

With IDF troops edging closer towards a full-scale invasion of Rafah, and 600,000 people displaced from the southern city in just 10 days, both Israel’s allies and critics continue to mount pressure to find a workable solution after talks in Cairo earlier this month failed to reach a resolution.

The United States has urged Israel to avoid vanquishing Hamas without a proper exit strategy amid fears the region could inherit a power vacuum with echoes of Iraq, breeding resentment and allowing terror to fester and thrive.

But unease about future consequences were not enough to stop the Biden administration from moving forward with a $1billion weapons package for Israel, confirmed to congress Tuesday as Biden assured he would withhold more bombs if Israel embarks on a full-scale invasion of Rafah.

The US military did announce on Thursday that it had finished construction of a floating pier off the Gaza Strip that they hope will allow the ferrying of vital aid into the beleaguered Gaza Strip, following limited attempts to drop in supplies by air.

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