Woman, 29, IS granted permission for euthanasia says she will die in the next few weeks


A woman from The Netherlands was granted ‘green light’ to end her life via euthanasia despite being a physically healthy.

29-year-old has dismissed public backlash and declared she will die within weeks. 

Zoraya ter Beek, who suffers from depression and borderline personality disorder, received the approval for assisted dying last week and expects to be ‘freed’ from her torment soon.

People have since lashed out at the 29-year-old but this week she hit out at her critics, declaring their protest ‘insulting’. 

‘People think that when you’re mentally ill, you can’t think straight, which is insulting,’ she told the Guardian

‘I understand the fears that some disabled people have about assisted dying… but in the Netherlands we’ve had this law for more than 20 years. There are really strict rules, and it’s really safe.’

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Ter Beek decided she wanted to die after a psychiatrist told her ‘there’s nothing more we can do for you’ and that ‘it’s never gonna get any better’, The Free Press reported.

How She Will Be Euthanised

It is understood that a doctor will give her a sedative before administering a drug that will stop her heart.

She previously said she will be euthanised on the sofa in her home with her boyfriend by her side.

Ter Beek said her crippling depression and anxiety caused her to self-harm and feel suicidal for years, claiming that no amount of mental health treatment – which to date has included talking therapies, various medications and even electroconvulsive therapy – has worked to reduce her affliction.

Euthanasia is legal in The Netherlands since 2002 for those experiencing ‘unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement’. 

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