Prince Harry’s Conversation With A Fan During An Impromptu Walkabout On Her Honeymoon Following An Invictus Games Event

Prince Harry's Conversation With A Fan During An Impromptu Walkabout On Her Honeymoon Following An Invictus Games Event

Earlier this week, Prince Harry made the journey from the United States to the United Kingdom, and his interaction with a fan in public has now been revealed.

The Duke of Sussex returned to his former country of residence at the beginning of the week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. Last night, the father-of-two greeted fans following a service held at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Fans could be heard shouting out to the Duke, with many saying “we love you, Harry”.

The Duke appeared moved by the gesture and lingered with the fans, engaging in handshakes and conversation.

Cracking a joke with one lady who was on her honeymoon, Prince Harry said: “You didn’t get married in St Paul’s, though?”.

This encounter adds to a series of interactions Prince Harry has had with fans and onlookers throughout the week. Before the service at St Paul’s on Wednesday morning, while making his way to the car, Prince Harry greeted crowds with waves and “hellos.”

The Duke was then asked if he was “happy to be home”, to which he simply chuckled and dodged the question by saying: “Nice to see you.”

Speaking exclusively about Harry’s cryptic and telling reply to the question of whether or not he was happy to be home, body language Judi James has weighed in with her thoughts. “Despite his complicated history with the press, Harry walks past them here in what can only be described as high spirits, greeting them with the kind of smile that suggests he’s greeting fans or old friends,” she began.

She later noted: “But when he is asked ‘Are you happy to be home?’ the smile remains in place but the response he performs would be described as a wry, cynical chuckle, suggesting he is darkly tickled to think anyone would ask him that question under the circumstances.”

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