Putin Is Prepared To Pause The War In Ukraine With A Ceasefire Acknowledging Current Battlefield Lines

Putin Is Prepared To Pause The War In Ukraine With A Ceasefire Acknowledging Current Battlefield Lines

Vladimir Putin is willing to halt the war in Ukraine with a ceasefire that acknowledges the current battlefield lines, according to four Russian sources cited by Reuters.

Three of these sources indicated that the Russian leader expressed frustration over what he perceives as Western-backed efforts to impede ceasefire negotiations.

“Putin can fight for as long as it takes, but he is also ready for a ceasefire—to freeze the war,” a senior Russian source, reportedly familiar with top-level Kremlin discussions, told Reuters.

On Friday, the Russian president stated at a press conference that peace talks with Ukraine need to resume but should “reflect realities on the ground.”

Sources emphasized that freezing the conflict along current lines is non-negotiable for Russia, as it would leave the country in control of substantial parts of four Ukrainian regions, though without full control of any.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has consistently ruled out a ceasefire, even signing a decree in 2022 that declared any negotiations with Putin “impossible.”

He reiterated this stance at the start of the year, arguing that any pause in fighting would “play into [Russia’s] hands” and could lead to further devastation later.

Both Putin and Zelenskyy also rejected a proposal from French President Emmanuel Macron earlier this month for a temporary ceasefire during the Olympic Games, from July 26 to August 11.

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