Queen Rania And Her Impeccable Fashion In ‘Men’s Section’ Bermudas

Queen Rania And Her Impeccable Fashion In 'Men's Section' Bermudas

Queen Rania of Jordan showcased her impeccable fashion sense once again at the International Academy – Amman (IAA) Class of 2024 graduation ceremony.

Her outfit, which has sparked discussion among royal fashion enthusiasts, included a bold and stylish choice: knee-length shorts. This daring fashion statement highlighted Rania’s talent for seamlessly blending traditional tailoring with contemporary styling.

In her commencement speech, Queen Rania began with a heartfelt greeting: “Dear graduates, parents, and faculty members, I begin with a greeting that is unique to us: May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be with you, for there is nothing more beautiful than to bear a message of compassion, which our world needs now more than ever.” Her words set a tone of warmth and compassion, resonating deeply with the audience.

View via this link: https://www.instagram.com/queenrania/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=8d81183f-9cb4-4e79-b4bd-7df4aaa7fd9e

The Royal Fashion Police posted a photo of Queen Rania’s complete outfit, featuring the striking A.L.C. ‘Juliet’ Pleated Blazer Mini Dress in black, a recent addition to her wardrobe.

However, the standout piece was the Dior Homme Wide Cut Bermuda Shorts in black, originally from the brand’s menswear collection.

These knee-length shorts added a distinctive ‘borrowed-from-the-boys’ twist to her ensemble. Combined with the sophisticated blazer dress, the shorts created a modern and edgy look that beautifully balanced the elegance of the top.

 “We’re inspired by the Miu Miu girl this season (and let’s face it, every season) and the softer, sportier shorts seen on their SS24 runway were teamed with preppy staples such as polo tops and blazers,” explains Hello! Fashion’s Clare Pennington, “These aren’t culottes, they defiantly hit the knee (or thereabouts) and are unapologetically slouchy. Linen varieties add an air of effortless nonchalance, denim gives straight-to-the-skatepark energy while tailored offerings add a degree of polish.”

Rania wore Dior Homme’s Wide-Leg Bermuda Shorts

Queen Rania rounded off her outfit with her reliable Tom Ford Metallic Leather and Mesh Pumps, a pair she has worn on multiple occasions. These pumps infused a touch of glamour and consistency to her attire, demonstrating her skill in blending new and timeless pieces to achieve a harmonious look.

In her speech, Rania congratulated the graduates and acknowledged the efforts of their parents and teachers, “First, allow me to congratulate you and all of Jordan’s high school graduates, as well as your parents and your teachers, as you commence a new phase in life – well done.” Her words reflected her pride and support for the young Jordanian graduates as they embarked on their new journeys.

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