Rishi Sunak Calls On China To ‘Use Its Influence’ To Persuade Russia To End The War In Ukraine

Rishi Sunak Calls On China To 'Use Its Influence' To Persuade Russia To End The War In Ukraine

The UK called on China to press Russia to end its war in Ukraine as President Xi Jinping met with President Vladimir Putin.

Downing Street emphasized that Beijing should urge Moscow to “cease its illegal war,” as both leaders displayed a united front during a summit on Thursday.

Earlier, the Chinese leader expressed his hope for Europe to return to “peace and stability” soon, while Mr. Putin thanked him for his efforts to resolve the “Ukraine crisis.”

Later on Thursday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official spokesperson stated: “We would urge China to encourage Russia to cease its illegal war against Ukraine. China has previously spoken out about the importance of protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity in Ukraine.”

Number 10 noted that pressing Beijing on this issue has been a consistent approach, with Foreign Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan having raised it during her visit to China last month.

China wields significant influence as a key supporter of Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. It continues to provide crucial components necessary for the Kremlin’s war efforts, and its purchases of Russian oil and gas have bolstered the Russian economy.

During Mr. Putin’s first international visit since consolidating power after an election that stifled any real opposition, the two leaders exchanged warm words in Beijing on Thursday.

They signed a joint statement to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between their nations. Mr. Xi emphasized that China and Russia would maintain a stance of non-alignment and non-confrontation.

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