Sarah Vine Tells The Reaction That Meghan Markle Had A Negative Opinion Of Britain

Sarah Vine Tells The Reaction That Meghan Markle Had A Negative Opinion Of Britain

Sarah Vine, a columnist for the Daily Mail, told The Reaction this week that Meghan Markle ‘didn’t like Britain’ and should not ‘gaslight the nation’ into ‘thinking we’ve behaved appallingly towards her’.

The presenters suggested that Meghan, 42, viewed her time in the royal family as more of a ‘presidential tour’ and was ‘never going to accept the royal life because she was always going to have to be one step behind Prince Harry’, according to Andrew.

‘She needs to be a leading actor in her life. But I mean, that’s OK, but just be honest about it,’ said Sarah. ‘Don’t put everybody through this whole thing. Don’t gaslight an entire nation. 

‘Don’t gaslight the whole of Britain into thinking that we’ve behaved appallingly towards her because that wasn’t the case. People liked her. It’s just that she didn’t like us. She didn’t want the assignment,’ insisted the columnist.

Noting how fans appeared to delight in seeing Meghan, more so than Harry, and how the mother-of-two seemed to take the lead throughout the three-day visit, Sarah referred to the Prince as a ‘beta male’.

She added: ‘It was very much [Meghan] showcasing herself and he was just sort of coming along for the ride. I mean, maybe that’s what he wants in his life and it’s perfectly possible that he just wants to be a beta male.’

Sarah remarked that the Duchess ‘needs to take the lead in her life’, and added that with the tour of Nigeria, ‘she’s clearly the main character, she’s definitely the star of the show, and that’s exactly how she prefers it’.

Andrew, on the other hand, agreed. He suggested the visit ‘seemed more like a presidential tour’, observing that Meghan ‘believes she has a potential career in democratic politics because that story broke a couple of years ago.

It felt like she was in campaign mode.’ Harry and Meghan’s tour of Nigeria, where they visited Lagos and Abuja at the military’s invitation, aimed to promote mental health among soldiers and empower young people.

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