Royal Fans Express Their Love For The ‘Amazing’ New View From Princess Diana’s Family Home

Royal Fans Express Their Love For The 'Amazing' New View From Princess Diana's Family Home

The conservation manager of Althorp House, where Princess Diana lived as a teenager and was laid to rest following her tragic death in 1997, shared a charming view of some unexpected wildlife over the weekend.

On Twitter, Adey Greeno posted an amazing photo of an ibis on the water, dipping its head for some food.

“Glossy ibis (Plegadis falcinellus),” he captioned the photo, adding: “I was busy watching a cuckoo when I noticed the ibis feeding in the shallows. [email protected].” 

His followers clearly loved the image as they rushed to ‘like’ it, with one commenting: “I lost count of how many birds species are at Althorp Estate. What an amazing collection of beautiful creatures”. 

Recently, Adey shared a beautiful sight of additional birds enjoying the scenic view at Oval Lake, near where the late Princess was laid to rest.

The longtime Althorp employee posted an image showing ducks and geese swimming in the spring sunshine.

He captioned it: “Ducks and geese on the round oval lake @AlthorpHouse. I saw the first goslings today that have hatched off in the park, they were being led down to the lake by both attentive parent birds.” 

All About Althorp 

The estate is a Grade 1 listed stately home situated five miles northwest of Northampton, between the villages of Great Brington and Harlestone. It has been in the Spencer family for over 500 years and spans 13,000 acres in Northamptonshire, with 550 acres comprising the house and gardens.

Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s only brother, who recently published a poignant memoir detailing his challenging experience at boarding school, assumed the role of custodian when he became the 9th Earl Spencer after his father John passed away in 1992.

He has been diligently restoring the property and grounds ever since. Together with his wife Karen, they regularly share updates from the historic house and grounds.

Diana’s Althorp ‘Dream’ 

As Charles Spencer explained in a later interview, Princess Diana initially wished to return to the property after her divorce from Prince Charles.

“Diana had a lovely dream that she could live a normal life afterward,” he said. “But the one house that she set her heart on in the park [at the family home of Althorp] was three bedrooms and 100 yards from the road. And it was just not possible. 

Charles Spencer showing tourists around Althorp in 1977© Getty

Charles Spencer showing tourists around Althorp in 1977

“The police knew it wouldn’t work. I offered every other property that was suitable on the estate. I really felt it was the right decision for her. But she probably couldn’t see it.” 

The late royal originally moved to the estate when she was 14 and her younger brother was 11, before moving to her own flat in London and then getting engaged to the future King. 

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