Russia SAYS it is ready for direct conflict if the West wants to fight for Ukraine on the battlefield


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made a rallying cry on Monday as he declares ‘If the West wants to fight for Ukraine on the battlefield, Russia is prepared for it’.

This comes after Sweden’s Prime Minister said he would be willing to host Western nuclear weapons should war break out. 

What Lavrov Said

‘It’s their right – if they want it to be on the battlefield, it will be on the battlefield,’ Lavrov said in comments carried by Russia’s RIA Novosti.

Tensions Boiling Over Nuclear Weapons

His statement constitutes the latest ramping up of rhetoric teasing a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO – a trend that has continued ever since French President Emmanuel Macron months ago refused to rule out the possibility that Western troops could one day be sent to Ukraine. 

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Vladimir Putin has earlier warned deploying NATO troops into Ukraine could lead to World War Three, and the Kremlin has said any Western equipment used by Kyiv to attack across the border will be seen as a legitimate target, even if it is based in a third country. 

The latest escalation in the war of words between The Kremlin and Western governments comes as leaked German documents suggested Berlin may be planning to introduce mandatory military service for men and women aged 18.

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