The Way Meghan Markle Turns Her Back To Those Girls To Face The Camera Is So Rude


Her dismissal of those girls is incredibly impolite! It’s the epitome of disrespect. She couldn’t care less about what that woman was saying. It was clear that she spotted the camera and sought attention instead.

It’s such an impolite and unprofessional behavior, and that’s putting it mildly! This isn’t the first time she’s ignored people waiting to see her. If anyone has evidence, please share! It’s infuriating!

How uncouth! The young lady was trying to hand her a tray. Such rudeness! Despite Harry’s attempt to salvage the situation, it didn’t succeed.

You can sense Harry’s embarrassment as Meghan pulls him away. While I might not approve of Harry’s actions towards his family, he certainly knows how to conduct himself in public, having been taught from birth to treat people with respect.

Others’ reactions:

Lady Heather

She Keeps proving to everyone what a mean, narcissistic person she is. I’m thankful that at least Harry had good manners on this occasion!

Georgina Whittaker

Her PR team really should teach her how to behave in public

Mary Henry

You cannot teach a person like her how to behave.

Heather Halton

Why didn’t he let go of her hand though? Let her go wherever she wants on her own.

Tamara Durant

Not one scarf in the crowd. The woman JH is talking to also has a sleeveless dress on. MM is a real piece of work but on this occasion, the clothes are okay, even if they don’t fit properly….as usual…

Amelia C. Marasigan

Yup, saw it, witnessed it! Totally rude and disgusting behavior! No manners at all! Just wanted the Netflix camera on her! I pity that girl! And with that attire, backless, no bra!, meeting school children? No respect at all in an educational environment!

Cynthia Waltz

That hugging shit…I saw the video of one of the men she hugged and when he went to hug her, he was careful of where he put his hands

Trish Latham

Don’t worry about Ginger, he’s just as bad & plays the game. There’re heaps more to it all 4 – sure & he aren’t no angel!!!

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