Terrified little girl, 3, told mom and dad she heard MONSTERS in her bedroom – it was 60,000 BEES


The fear of a young girl was actually unpacked to be a shocking discovery in a North Carolina house.

How the Discovery Happened

Three-year-old Saylor Class insisted that there were ‘monsters in the wall’ of her Charlotte home only for a beekeeper to discover around 60,000 honeybees in the wall.

According to the BBC, her mother Ashley Massis Class she gave her a bottle of water so that she can ‘spray away any of the monsters at night.’

‘Like a Horror Movie’

‘They just came pouring out like a horror movie,’ Class told BBC.

Class claimed the honeybees damaged the house’s electric wiring and that it will cost more than $20,000 in damages.

Saylor had repeatedly told her parents about the ‘monsters in the wall’ for a few months before the discovery. 

Ashley and her husband began to realize that those monsters could be bees after she discovered clusters in her chimney and the attic.

‘The Monsters’ Have a Name

Saylor’s parents began to believe the three-year-old was hearing the honeybees buzzing close to her bedroom ceiling. They called a pest control company, which confirmed the ‘monsters.’

The couple then contacted a beekeeper named Curtis, who found bees going toward the floorboards in the attic. Curtis confirmed the thousands of pests by using a thermal camera to scan the walls. 

The camera ‘lit up like a Christmas tree’ and the beekeeper concluded that the critters have been living in their home for around eight months.

It Was Huge

He later told BBC he had never seen a beehive go so far down into a wall. 

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According to Ashley, Curtis removed 20,000 bees and more than 100 pounds of honeycomb in the first extraction from the wall a day after the critter discovery.

He managed to find the queen bee in the walls and he moved her to another hive to make her ‘new home.’

By the third extraction, Curtis had removed between 55,000 and 65,000 honeybees. Like the queen bee, all of them have been safely relocated into a hive at a honeybee sanctuary.

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