Woman who grew up in polygamist Mormon CULT reveals horrifying truth about INCEST inside the sect


YouTube host Amanda Rae who grew up in a polygamist cult has lifted the lid on the incestuous relationships that take place inside the extreme religious organization. 

The content creator talked to her cousin Allison Eames about what it was like to grow up surrounded by incest and the complicated dynamics between families.

Growing Up Around Incest

Both Amanda and Allison grew up in the Kingston Group – a Mormon cult based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which practices polygamy and is also known as The Order.

Allison’s father Daniel had 200 children and her mom was his fifth wife.

In the video, she explained how Daniel was the brother of Paul Kingston – the church’s leader – and had 14 wives including some of his own half sisters.

‘I really think it’s because Daniel is just the most wild, off the rails [man] there is,’ Amanda explained.

‘Daniel also is the man who forced his daughter Maryanne to marry her uncle David,’ she continued. ‘David went to prison for raping his underage niece.’

What Happened to Daniel?

Daniel himself also served 28 weeks in a Box Elder County jail after forcing his then 16-year-old child into the marriage and beating her when she tried to escape.

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Daniel’s Children Are Treated With Disdain

Allison, who is now married with two sons of her own, shared that as a result there was a lot of prejudice against all of Daniel’s children which often meant they were treated with disdain.

‘[Kids at school] would distance themselves from me [and say] “I’m not allowed to be friends with Daniel’s kids,”‘ Allison, who left the religious sect in 2016 when she was only 16, recalled.

‘[It was always because] a lot of Daniel’s kids leave The Order and when they do leave The Order, they always put someone in prison and that Daniel’s kids don’t listen even when they’re in The Order,’ she shared.

Allison also divulged that the children in her family had to undergo blood tests to see if they are compatible to procreate with another relative.

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