Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge: 10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children’s Movie’s

From Shrek's not-so-subtle quips to Toy Story's cheeky gags, join us on a giggle-filled journey through the playground of grown-up humor cleverly disguised in children's cinema.


Here are the top 10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children’s Movie’s that are as entertaining as they are cheeky. Kids’ movies are often praised for their ability to entertain young audiences while subtly including humor and themes that adults can appreciate. 

This delicate balance keeps everyone engaged and can make family movie nights a hit. However, some of these films are packed with innuendos that go right over kids’ heads but leave adults chuckling. 

Toy Story – Woody’s Name

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

Pixar’s classic “Toy Story” is full of charming characters and heartfelt moments. But if you take a moment to think about it, the main character’s name, Woody, is a slang term for something quite inappropriate.

When Buzz Lightyear joins the gang, he often calls out for Woody in ways that can sound hilarious to the more mature audience. The jokes surrounding Woody’s name are subtle, but they add an extra layer of humor for adults.

Shrek – Lord Farquaad’s Tower

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

The “Shrek” series is famous for its edgy humor and clever references. One of the more subtle jokes comes in the first film when Shrek and Donkey arrive at Lord Farquaad’s castle.

Shrek said, “Do you think he’s compensating for something?” while looking up at the ridiculously tall tower. Adults can easily catch the innuendo about Farquaad’s potential insecurities regarding his… size.

Finding Nemo – The Boat’s Name

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

Finding Nemo” is a heartfelt journey about a clownfish searching for his lost son. Amidst the touching moments, there’s a playful scene where Nemo swims up to a boat. The word “Butt” is

prominently painted on the boat, and Nemo calls it “The Butt,” mispronouncing “boat.” While this is funny on its own, the joke is made even funnier when the fish in the tank later discuss how Nemo “touched the butt.”

Aladdin – Genie’s Bedroom Joke

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

In Disney’s “Aladdin,” the Genie, voiced by Robin Williams, delivers rapid-fire jokes that are often filled with innuendos. One notable line comes when Aladdin asks the Genie what he would wish for. The

Genie says, “First, I’d free the genie! Second, I’d make sure the whole palace was so plush it’d be better than my bedroom!” The bedroom line has an underground meaning, hinting at more adult-themed comfort than what is implied.

The Lion King – Timon’s Hula Dance

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

“The Lion King” has many memorable moments, and Timon’s hula dance is definitely one of them. In a bid to distract the hyenas, Timon puts on a hula skirt and starts singing, “Are you aching… for some bacon?”

The adult joke here is that Timon’s dance moves and his suggestive lyrics could be seen as a playful nod to something more mature than simply offering up Pumbaa as a snack.

Zootopia – The Naturalist Club

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

“Zootopia” is known for its smart humor and social commentary. One scene that stands out for its adult innuendo is when Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde visit the Naturalist Club. The animals there are all

naked, but because they’re animals, it’s not seen as inappropriate. However, the dialogue and situations play out like they’re in a nudist colony, complete with suggestive comments and knowing glances.

The Road to El Dorado – Chel and Tulio’s Relationship

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

“The Road to El Dorado” is a film filled with adventure and comedy. However, it’s also filled with subtle adult humor. One such moment occurs when Chel and Tulio are discovered in a compromising

position, with Chel emerging from behind a curtain looking disheveled and Tulio scrambling to cover himself. The suggestive positioning and the characters’ reactions make it clear to adult viewers what was likely going on.

Hercules – Megara’s Double Entendre

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

Disney’s “Hercules” is packed with witty dialogue and puns. One of the best innuendos comes from Megara, who is full of sass and sharp wit. At one point, she tells Hercules, “I’m a damsel, I’m in

distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.” The way she delivers her lines had another meaning to it, making adults aware of the more mature subtext beneath her tough expression.

Toy Story 3 – Buzz’s Spanish Mode

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

“Toy Story 3” takes the beloved characters on a new adventure, complete with fresh humor. When Buzz Lightyear is switched to Spanish mode, his personality completely changes, and he becomes a passionate, flirtatious dancer.

The way he interacts with Jessie, complete with sultry looks and romantic dances, is filled with innuendo that goes beyond simple language translation humor.

The Incredibles – “Where’s My Super Suit?”

10 Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children's Movie's

The Incredibles” is full of action and comedy, but one standout scene involves Frozone searching for his super suit. He asks his wife, “Where’s my super suit?” and she responds with sass, leading to a

back-and-forth that feels very much like a domestic argument with layers of innuendo. The implication of what Frozone might need his super suit for adds a cheeky layer for the adults in the audience.

Kids’ movies are brilliant at embedding humor that resonates on multiple levels. These films entertain children with their engaging stories and vibrant animation, while adults can enjoy the clever innuendos and subtle jokes woven throughout the narrative. 

It’s this dual-layered humor that often makes these movies timeless classics, providing enjoyment for audiences of all ages. So the next time you sit down for a family movie night, keep an ear out for 

these Sneaky Adult Jokes in Children’s Movie’s that are as entertaining as they are cheeky. – they might just make the experience all the more entertaining!

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