A Mystery Surrounds The Death Of A 19-Year-Old Florida Woman Who Passed Away In Her Sleep Following A Night Out At A Bar

A Mystery Surrounds The Death Of A 19-Year-Old Florida Woman Who Passed Away In Her Sleep Following A Night Out At A Bar

Florida investigators have initiated a homicide inquiry following a distressing incident at a Fort Myers restaurant, where two teenagers were hospitalized.

Tragically, Ava Hulett, 19, who was among the group at Pelican Larry’s Raw Bar and Grill, passed away hours after returning home.

According to her family’s attorney, Anthony Rickman, Ava and at least one friend experienced medical emergencies during their outing.

“She went from there to the hospital,” Rickman said. “They released her, and then she died a short time thereafter when she was released back home.”

Under Florida privacy laws, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to an assistance call from a restaurant and subsequently conducted follow-up at a residence regarding the death of a 19-year-old found deceased on her bedroom floor. Ten minutes later, a medic pronounced her dead.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, investigators discovered she had been at Pelican Larry’s the previous evening. While detectives initiated a homicide investigation, the sheriff’s office clarified that there was no evidence implicating restaurant staff in the incident.

An external view of the shopping center that houses Pelican Larry’s, where Ava Hulett was out with friends before being hospitalized. Investigators have ruled out restaurant workers in connection with their homicide investigation. (Google Maps)

“They’re not investigating the restaurant for anything like poisoning,” Rickman told Fox News Digital. “If it is a poisoning circumstance, it’s our belief that it was an intentional act by another third party that caused the medical situation for Ava Hulett.”

Lab and toxicology results and other forensic testing were still pending Monday.

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