A Woman Unaware Of Pregnancy Unexpectedly Went Into Labor In Cafeteria Bathroom

A Woman Unaware Of Pregnancy Unexpectedly Went Into Labor In Cafeteria Bathroom

A woman, accompanied by her family, visited a Golden Corral restaurant on May 4 for lunch but unexpectedly went into labor while using the restroom.

Tayvia Woodfork and her family, initially a party of 11, left the restaurant as a party of 12 that day. Upon arrival at the all-you-can-eat chain in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Tayvia immediately headed to the bathroom, complaining of stomach discomfort, as her mother, Tameka Woodfork, shared with TODAY.com.

Unbeknownst to Tayvia, she was actually 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing active labor. Her situation is referred to as a cryptic pregnancy, a rare occurrence where someone remains unaware of their pregnancy for most or all of gestation. Despite being 26 years old, Tayvia had not noticed any weight gain or fetal movement. “There were no signs,” remarked Tameka.

After Tayvia spent 10 minutes in the restroom, Tameka grew concerned and went to check on her daughter. It quickly became apparent that Tayvia was in significant distress and needed urgent medical attention. Tayvia recounted feeling confused and unable to move her legs, prompting them to call 911.

Shortly after paramedics arrived, Tayvia gave birth to a healthy baby boy. “It’s out! It’s out!” she exclaimed as the baby arrived unexpectedly. “The baby was in the toilet,” Tameka recalled. The news of a customer giving birth quickly spread, resulting in applause from other restaurant patrons as Tayvia and her family left the restroom.

The newborn son was named Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork. While some suggested the name “Golden,” Tayvia preferred “Corral.” Tamaar joined his older brother Taylon, who is 2 years old.

Golden Corral shared the heartwarming news on its social media platforms, dubbing the newborn as the chain’s “youngest fan.”

 “As surprised as our team was at the news of a baby being born at our restaurant, we are truly honored to play such a momentous role in little Tamaar’s life,” a Golden Corral spokesperson said in a statement. “But no honor compares to having Tamaar carry on the ‘Golden Corral’ brand name in his own name, Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork!”

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