Advisers To Donald Trump Have Presented Him With A Plan To End Russia’s War In Ukraine – If He Wins The Presidential Election 

Advisers To Donald Trump Have Presented Him With A Plan To End Russia's War In Ukraine – If He Wins The Presidential Election 

Two key advisers to Donald Trump have proposed a plan to end Russia’s war in Ukraine, contingent on his victory in the November 5 presidential election.

The plan involves requiring Ukraine to engage in peace talks in exchange for continued U.S. military support.

Simultaneously, the U.S. would warn Moscow that refusal to negotiate would lead to increased American backing for Ukraine, according to retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, one of Trump’s national security advisers.

The strategy, developed by Kellogg and Fred Fleitz, both former chiefs of staff in Trump’s National Security Council, calls for a ceasefire based on current battle lines during peace talks, Fleitz explained. They have presented this plan to Trump, and the Republican candidate reacted positively, Fleitz noted.

“I’m not claiming he agreed with it or agreed with every word of it, but we were pleased to get the feedback we did,” he said.

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung stated that only statements made by Trump or authorized campaign members should be considered official.

The strategy proposed by Kellogg and Fleitz is the most comprehensive plan from Trump’s associates, who claims he could quickly resolve the war in Ukraine if he defeats President Joe Biden in the November 5 election, though he has not detailed his approach.

This proposal would signify a major shift in the U.S. stance on the war and would likely face resistance from European allies and within Trump’s own Republican Party.

The Kremlin responded that any peace plan from a potential future Trump administration would need to consider the current realities on the ground, but Russian President Vladimir Putin remains open to negotiations.

“The value of any plan lies in the nuances and in taking into account the real state of affairs on the ground,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters.

“President Putin has repeatedly said that Russia has been and remains open to negotiations, taking into account the real state of affairs on the ground,” he said.

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