Angelina Jolie Embraced An Ethereal White Summer Dress With Her Daughter Vivienne, 15, In NYC


The actress, director, and producer was seen in New York City with her daughter Vivienne and a friend. The trio was spotted shopping in Soho, making a stop at McNally Jackson, one of the city’s most popular bookstores.

Jolie and Vivienne appeared comfortable in the city. Jolie wore a long white dress paired with black high-heeled boots and sunglasses, with her hair styled in a bun. Vivienne sported baggy jeans, Converse sneakers, and a beige shirt, also wearing her hair in a bun and carrying a black backpack.

The group was photographed in SoHo, a popular shopping area in New York. They visited several stores, including McNally Jackson, where they purchased various books.

Angelina Jolie and Vivienne have been seen together on multiple public outings in recent weeks. They attended the premiere of the Broadway show “The Outsiders,” where they worked.

Jolie spoke about how special it was to work with Vivienne, especially since she loves theater. “My daughter Viv loves theater,” Jolie said to Deadline. “She appreciates all theater but she certainly knows what she feels close to and what she responds to. She went to see The Outsiders at La Jolla about five times and was telling me about it, and I had read the book, and I’d seen the film years ago.” 

The two saw the play together and felt bonded by the experience. “Really, as a mother, as a person, I was watching it, but I was really watching the effect it was having on my young daughter and what she was telling me about herself, and I was learning what about it was important to her and why it connected so deeply to her,” said Jolie.

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