Bianca Censori’s Sudden Weight Loss As Concerns Grow Over Her Controversial Marriage To Kanye West

Bianca Censori's Sudden Weight Loss As Concerns Grow Over Her Controversial Marriage To Kanye West

Bianca Censori has noticeably shed a significant amount of weight during her highly publicized marriage to Kanye West.

The 29-year-old Melbourne architect has been observed flaunting her slimmer figure during recent outings in Paris with the 47-year-old rapper.

Known for her daring fashion choices, she recently made headlines by opting for a revealing ensemble that featured bandage-like halter suspenders, foregoing a top and leaving little to the imagination.

Before her relationship with Kanye West, Censori often sported form-fitting athleisure wear that accentuated her curvaceous figure, such as trendy black skintight jumpsuits. However, her appearance has recently showcased a notably slimmer physique.

During a recent dinner date at Manko restaurant in Paris, she nearly exposed her breasts in the daring outfit, emphasizing her slender waist and legs as she arrived with a male friend chauffeured in a van.

Fans have since commented on this noticeable transformation, reflecting on the significant change in her appearance.

‘She has lost weight; her curves are diminishing and the heavy breast tissue is now drooping. Muscle loss as well,’ one person wrote online. Another agreed, adding: ‘Same exact situation happened when he dated Julia Fox. Weird crazy outfits, dramatic weight loss, Kanye is insane.’

‘She lost about 10lbs which is a significant amount of weight but hardly cause for concern,’ a third said.

During Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s tumultuous marriage, Kim was reportedly asked to change her outfits if he felt like she was showing too much skin.

He heavily influenced her fashion choices during their seven-year marriage.

‘Kanye did the same thing he is doing with Bianca to Kim throughout their marriage. The difference is that when Kanye dressed Kim, he was respected as a person – as an artist,’ one source said. ‘Unfortunately, Kim knows what Bianca is going through – but she feels Bianca should have known what she was getting into.’

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