Chinese migrant wanted for murder in Los Angeles is CAUGHT as he tries to sneak back into the US


A Chinese migrant, who was wanted for murder in Los Angeles, was caught and arrested while trying to sneak back into the US, per Homeland Security sources.


The murder suspect, Junnan Ge, was arrested in the San Diego area on June 14 with a large group of migrants who turned themselves in to border agents in the hopes of being allowed to enter the country, sources told The Post.

Border agents ran background checks during the arrest and discovered that Ge, 37, had a warrant dating back to 2004 from Los Angeles for allegedly killing another person.

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Ge also crossed the border in 2011 after the alleged murder. However, it’s not clear whether he was released into the US or removed from the country at the time.

Border agents reveal that their vetting procedures are neither exhaustive nor foolproof and agents know they have released bad actors into the US without knowing it.

Still, they have been able to catch 587 illegal migrants with warrants and more than 10,000 people convicted of crimes since October 2023, according to federal data.

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