German pensioner, 74, accused of ‘performing castrations on MEN’ on his kitchen table


A 74-year-old pensioner has been accused of carrying out castrations on male body parts jus to fuel his crazed sexual desires

The man identified as Gerhard T due to German privacy is accused of grevious bodily harm and targeting eight men between 2015 and 2019.


Erfurt District Court heard how Gerhard T only stopped the act only when one of his victims was so badly butchered he turned to an online community for help.

The conversation was picked up by investigators who questioned the victim and tracked the pensioner down.

Investigators found blood-splattered surgical kidney dishes, scissors, tweezers, and a tying tube at his home.


Tests carried out revealed the blood came from several different victims.

Investigators heard how the men contacted him online to fulfil the sexual fantasies and he would carry out the procedures either on his sofa or kitchen table for up to £1,600.

Judge Udo Tietjen said the victims would not be named even though they paid to have it done.

‘It is not intended for the public to know who had their genitals removed and how. That violates the sexual and physical sphere of the victims,’ he said.

Investigation into the case continues.

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