Jessica Gunning, Star Of “Baby Reindeer,” Shares The Fantastic Experience Of Coming Out As Gay

Jessica Gunning, Star Of

Jessica Gunning, known for her role in the popular Netflix series “Baby Reindeer,” disclosed on a podcast that she came out to her family and friends in November 2022.

The English actress recently joined podcaster and journalist Josh Smith on ‘Reign with Josh Smith’ to discuss topics ranging from “Baby Reindeer” to her career and her personal journey of self-discovery.

“I realized I was a big, old gay,” Jessica confided during the interview, revealing her sexuality to the public for the first time. It wasn’t that I was repressing anything”, she shared about finally accepting herself, “it was just that I didn’t think I could be… it’s been amazing and very freeing, and very grounding.”

“Baby Reindeer” made a significant impact when it premiered on Netflix in April of this year, amassing over 20 million views to date. The series follows comedian Donny Dunn, who becomes the target of obsessive stalking by a woman he initially meets while working at a bar.

Based on the real-life experiences of creator Richard Gadd, who endured a harrowing stalking ordeal in his twenties, the show has sparked important discussions about sexual abuse in the television industry and the trauma experienced by male victims.

Jessica received praise for her portrayal of Martha, the stalker, who in real life sent over 41,000 emails and 350 hours of voicemails to Gadd, allegedly terrorizing his family and friends for years. The 38-year-old actress became emotional when discussing how the show resonated with her own life experiences and the relief she felt after opening up to her family.

“There’s an emotional thing in Baby Reindeer where Donny talks about sleeping for the first time at his parents’ house, and I’d told my family in Christmas that year…I slept for ten hours that night.”

Reflecting on coming out to her loved ones, she revealed, “it feels like a celebration of who you are and I think we’re coming into a time where we won’t ever need to really come out…when you do it is so exposing but it’s also really lovely because you’re going ‘this is my soul’.”  

“I mean in hindsight I used to go downstairs and watch ‘The L Word’, so probably that would’ve been a bit of a giveaway”, she quipped.

Speaking about Pride, she reflected, “to be able to see yourself reflected is rare for some people, and when you do it’s so exciting and new and it just makes you feel [you’re] not alone…it’s such an important film to be a part of.”

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