Nigerian Lady Tackles A Caucasian Shop Attendant: ‘Immigrants Aren’t Taking Your Job; They’re More Educated And Getting Jobs You Can’t Do’

Nigerian Lady Tackles A Caucasian Shop Attendant: ‘Immigrants Aren't Taking Your Job; They're More Educated And Getting Jobs You Can't Do’

A Nigerian woman has addressed Brits protesting across the UK and claiming that immigrants are taking their jobs.

Sharing her encounter with a Caucasian shop attendant, the TikTok user asserted that immigrants are not seizing jobs intended for Brits but rather fulfilling roles Brits are unable to perform due to immigrants’ higher levels of education.

She recounted a humorous incident at a shop where there was a promotion on drinks, allowing a maximum purchase of 36 bottles.

However, after selecting 6 sealed cartons, each containing 6 bottles, she had an amusing exchange with the attendant who mistakenly believed she had exceeded the maximum allowed quantity but couldn’t calculate it.

She described how the shop attendant had to enlist the help of a colleague to calculate the total, resulting in a humorous scene.

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