Nurse REVEALS the tactics doctors used to convince parents their kids needed trans surgeries


A Texas nurse has claimed doctors are the nation’s largest children’s hospital are using shocking practices to push gender transitions on kids.


Vanessa Sivadge, 31, has claimed she was threatened by the FBI after she revealed progressive doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital are violating state law by using Medicaid benefits to provide sex change treatments to minors.

In an interview with the New York Post, Sivadge said the doctors at the clinic often told parents their kids could kill themselves if they did not transition.


‘These doctors are driven by a political agenda, like an ideological agenda,’ she said, ‘and I truly believe that they think that they’re doing the right thing.’

Sivadge added: ‘Parents were manipulated by doctors with an ideological agenda to go down this path of medical transition for their child…

‘And I do think that doctors would use manipulative language to suggest that if they didn’t do this their child would commit suicide or they would harm themselves.’

Sivadge believes doctors at the hospital miscategorize gender-affirming treatments in order to get around Texas’ ban on Medicaid covering hormone treatments.


She said she saw doctors misdiagnosing patients with hormone deficiencies in order to get Medicaid coverage for puberty blockers and hormones.

Sivadge claims she has seen doctors ‘manipulating’ parents into agreeing to gender transitions for their children before informing them of long term side effects such as infertility. 

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She also said many patients had underlying issues such as autism and depression that were dismissed by doctors. 

‘The doctor would do things based on what the patient wanted, and not what was medically best for them,’ she said.

‘There was just no discussion of what are the risks, what are the long term effects…

‘Many of [the patients] had previous ER visits for attempted suicide, many of them are autistic, many of them are depressed and anxious, and that’s really devastating because it’s really clear there’s something else going on in addition to having confusion about their sexual identity.’

Sivadge came forward in May of 2023 with her claims against the Texas Children’s Hospital – following Dr Eithan Haim, a surgeon who leaked documents showing the hospital was continuing gender-affirming care against the law.

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